SUBMISSION: Agami Flight by Kirsten Hines

ENDANGERED: Fine Art & Photography Contest 2017 Submission.

Agami Flight by Kirsten Hines. All Rights Reserved.

Compelled by a life-long passion for the environment, I photograph wildlife and nature. Traveling around the world to explore both familiar and novel environs, I seek to capture spontaneous wildlife moments and unique perspectives on nature. I aim to lure viewers more deeply into the natural world than they might venture on their own. I strive to evoke the experience of being in nature by photographing un-manipulated scenes and minimally post-processing images, to most accurately convey wilderness in its organic state. My photographic collections include: Nature in Abstract, stylistically revealing art in nature; Nature and Travel, emphasizing portraits of wildlife and habitats around the world; and South Florida Birds and Gardens, inspiring bird-friendly landscaping through an intimate view of birds and plants, featured in my two award-winning books. With all my work, I hope to restore human connections to the planet that have too long been neglected.

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