SUBMISSION: From Antiquity to Eternity by Tatiana Fitzpatrick

ENDANGERED: Fine Art & Photography Contest 2017 Submission.

From Antiquity to Eternity by Tatiana Fitzpatrick. All Rights Reserved.

Beads are an integral part of my life. I am interested in creating different objects which can be artistically accented by beadwork. In the designs, I like to use many techniques, both well-known and those which I invented myself. My favorite beads to work with are antique and vintage micro beads sizes 18 to 26. I love working with these tiny beads, which provide the opportunity to create graceful, miniature things, thin lines and details which are simply impossible to create in coarser material. Working with such small beads requires extraordinary patience and concentration, as well as plenty of time.

Fashion is transient, but feelings are eternal. My art represents my inner feelings. I believe art should display light and beauty, and appeal to the best sides of humanity, evoking positive emotions and encouraging spiritual growth and self-perfection.  Every piece of my art is unique and made with love to both God and mankind, in appreciation of the beauty surrounding my life.

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