SUBMISSION: Barbary Macaque Posing by Alyx Morgan

ENDANGERED: Fine Art & Photography Contest 2017 Submission. Barbary Macaque Posing by Alyx Morgan. All Rights Reserved.

My photography stems from a couple of things:  moments of peace and reflection; and a love for unique angles of ‘ordinary’ things and places. I’m thrilled when others are able to get the same enjoyment from my images.

While many times I have a goal in mind when I venture out with my camera, lately I find myself more interested in ‘looking’ for the unexpected; just wandering out with my camera and letting myself be drawn to a shot.  Those unplanned moments usually wind up being my favorites.

I’ve been taking photos for nearly twenty years, now, but each year I learn new ways to capture and produce what I see in the world. So, my love for photography grows and grows.

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