SUBMISSION: Glory Days by Jane Ruprecht

Entry to the ENDANGERED Art & Photography Contest 2017

Glory Days by Jane Ruprecht. All Rights Reserved.

I can remember always taking pictures as a kid with my "box" camera. In middle school I was a part of the photography club and learned about composition, developing and printing in the darkroom. At that time, I would anxiously await the results of my pictures, which of course were black and white. The next phase for many of us was slides, and oh, do we have tons of slides!! Now digital has taken over, (no waiting) but I work hard to get the picture "right" in the camera, thus needing little to no enhancement. As I travel I shoot unique, beautiful places to share the wonderful world of nature that surrounds us. Exploring out of the way places, I work to show "the ordinary as extraordinary". It is my hope that these pictures will remind people to take action locally to preserve this beautiful country and its natural resources before it is too late.