SUBMISSION: Ode to Our Ancestors by Talia Connelly

ENDANGERED: Fine Art & Photography Contest 2017 Submission.

Ode to Our Ancestors by Talia Connelly. All Rights Reserved.

As a Washington native, the Pacific Northwest has been a heavy influence on my artistic aesthetic as well as my environmental consciousness. Having caught the "fiber arts" bug in high school after witnessing an indigo dye demonstration by my chemistry teacher, I have spent the past four years delving into the creative capabilities of woven, knit, and printed structures. In an era overrun with cheap, short-lived, mass-produced objects, I aim to preserve rich, time-honored craft by creating innovative fabrics with organic, locally sourced, or donated materials. Though I am at an experimental stage in my artistic practice as a university student, I intend to apply my fine art education to a sustainable textile company and encourage greater public awareness for thoughtfully produced goods.

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