SUBMISSION: Ostrich by Janet Culbertson

ENDANGERED: Fine Art & Photography Contest 2017 Submission.

Ostrich by Janet Culbertson. All Rights Reserved.

This tortoise, like a small tank, came through our campsite on the top of Alcedo Mountain taking down our tents.

In my art, I try to balance the tension between beauty and environmental destruction in portraying our world. I feel that art can make a difference.  I have painted many aspects of nature, the dark volcanic islands of the Galapagos, the fierce beauty of the Grand Canyon, the incredible animals of Africa as well as the degradation of the wilderness of America.  In particular I have been concerned about the exploitation and possible extinction of the animals of our world. I visited the Galapagos twice to paint and visit and admire the amazing tortoises.  I drew a series of large mural sized works of these creatures. With the population reaching 7 billion, environmental awareness and active conservation are crucial to meeting our needs for the necessities of life and the preservation of our world and its creatures.

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