SUBMISSION: Pippina the short by Susanne Stubner

ENDANGERED: Fine Art & Photography Contest 2017 Submission.

Pippina the short by Susanne Stubner. All Rights Reserved.

Child of a family of musicians, grandfather bandsman, tradition of playing violin, father architect and artist. I grew up with music and fairy tales. Studies of interior design, Dipl. Ing, Professional specialisation on development and design. My love for glass first showed in the carpet "Noli me tangere" with 50kg raft glass hunks in the centre. The experimenting, alienating and trying out new techniques always tempted me. I always had a good hand dealing with colours. I can literally feel if colours go together or not. 1998 birth of my son. I encountered the material mosaic, learned the technique autodidactically. My material found me. With increasing practise I quickly left the common methods behind. The topic glass was fascinating me from the first moment, I believe it to be the material, that is looking for me, I nearly want to say "I am glass". The colours go under my skin and I can draw with it, be crazy, be different and always discover myself anew. The endless charm of the new.

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