SUBMISSION: Sperm Whale by Charles Rawlings

Entry to the ENDANGERED Art & Photography Contest 2017

Sperm Whale by Charles Rawlings. All Rights Reserved.

My diving and photography career has spanned over thirty years, and I have witnessed the deterioration of the ecosystem known as Gaia. In my dive travels, I have attempted to capture the essence of the underwater world in all its vigor, color, and fascination. In my adventure travels I have tried to capture an animal’s essence. Through the medium of photography, I provide the viewer with their own intimate view of the natural world both with regard to its ecosystem but also its artistic potential. Consequently, each individual arrives at their own interpretation of Gaia. Over the course of the last several years my underwater photography has evolved into photographing living mollusks as art. My land photography has evolved into the story of nature. These four photographs represent the culmination of many years of photographing living creatures in their natural environment. Unfortunately, as the oceans change along with all of Gaia- plundered and modified by man's actions.