SUBMISSION: Stadl by Patricia Burns

ENDANGERED: Fine Art & Photography Contest 2017 Submission.

Stadl by Patricia Burns. All Rights Reserved.

Since fall of 2013, I have spent most of my creative energies sculpting in clay.  I find the hands-on contact with the clay absorbs my emotions, my feelings, my empathies, the relationships involved with the subjects and allows me to create an expression in 3-D that sometimes eludes me with 2-D mediums.  I consider myself a conduit... a tool to be used to create something tangible from the intangible.  Clay is so direct, so immediate, with no technical process to interrupt the transfer.  It is the same today as thousands of years ago.  There is a hard-to-describe connection that is felt when a sculpture hits that certain point when it comes to life for me.  My desire is for the piece to communicate that special connection, creating an on-going dialog, bringing the viewer continuing enjoyment with the story represented.

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