First Prize Winner: Fine Art - Congratulations to Cathy Richardson for Engraved Pacific Reef. All Rights Reserved.

I use vacuum encasing, lampworking, cutting, polishing, and engraving to capture the beauty and magic of the natural world. I particularly like depicting both soft and hard corals and coral reef life because of the brilliant colors and unusual forms. I create sculptures of reef fauna that are captured in clear optical glass in the interior of my pieces and often surround them with similar fauna that are engraved on the exterior. I invite the viewer to see both the container and the contained.

I am concerned about the rapidly disappearing fauna from many of the world's coral reefs, especially places such as the Great Barrier Reef and Southeast Asia's reefs. My work celebrates the color and diversity that we may loose.

Congratulations Cathy!


Second Prize Winner: Fine Art - Congratulations to Susan Saladino for Vestige. All Rights Reserved.

I witnessed the demolition of a beautiful landscape Trees insects wildlife gone in a few hours. After the last giant tree fell and the bulldozers left, moved to tears I walked the silent property. The Sounds of Silence were deafening. Jays frantically circled their fallen nest. I gathered branches, proceeded to my studio sculpted a blindfolded form holding a small bird symbolic of all animal life. I hold the belief that a kinship exists with all life; that we are all connected. I observe human action as it moves between a celebration of animals and brutality towards them their suffering accepted. I pondered the state of our natural world, relationships we have with nonhuman animals and the environment. We need to steward our planet not destroy this spiritual living gift. Hunting, fishing, factory farming, destruction of habitat, pollution, human greed and indifference rain havoc on the planet; consequences are dire. Extinction is forever. This hurts my heart and embodies my artwork.

Congratulations Susan!


Third Prize Winner: Fine Art - Congratulations to Kristin Moger for Encounter. All Rights Reserved.

My whimsical ink drawings combine realistic depictions and unnatural patterning in a way that is pleasing to the eye and challenging to the mind. I love to add both humor and drama to my animals and natural environments. My style of drawing harkens back to old etchings, illuminated manuscripts, and mandalas as well as contemporary tangles, but is uniquely my own.

Each mark is painstakingly made by hand to create shape, form and mood, all using only black ink.

Congratulations Kristin!