First Prize Winner: Fine Art Photography - Congratulations to John Barrett Jr. for Mom’s Time Out. All Rights Reserved.

I am a wildlife and nature photographer, specializing in animal portraits and storytelling. I have spent much of the past two decades in nature, trying to capture the beauty and emotional qualities of animals, particularly endangered species. I have watched as some animal populations have thinned and habitats have been systemically diminished or destroyed. It saddens me that the next generation will not have the opportunity to experience the wonders of nature that I have been so privileged to see. It is for this reason that I will continue to photograph and document the majesty of nature. My goal is to have my images create a connection with the viewer and the animal, forging a bond that hopefully makes the viewer want to support and protect them.

Congratulations John!


Second Prize Winner: Fine Art Photography - Congratulations to Danielle Angell for Save Our Wildlife? All Rights Reserved.

In our busy lives, we often miss the beauty and simplicity around us. We are so caught up in the end destination or routine of the race that we pass by the simple miracles of the moment. My photography is an invitation to slow down and become aware. It provides a gateway into the unavailable or unnoticed pieces of the world that reflect or need healing, that demonstrate beauty, even in ugly situations, and connects us to a source of overwhelming gratitude for the treasures around us that we so often take for granted. Each piece is created as a reminder to take time to reflect, to dream, to wonder, to protect, to appreciate, and to wake up and witness the extraordinary right before our very eyes.

 Congratulations Danielle!



Third Prize Winner: Fine Art Photography - Congratulations to Sebastien Meys for Before a Rest. All Rights Reserved.

A B&W work on a gorilla.

Congratulations Sebastien!