First Prize Winner: Young Artist – Congratulations to Catherine Guevara for Lobo de la Luna. All Rights Reserved.

The Mexican Grey Wolf, also known as Lobo, is a beautiful animal that doesn't deserve to be exterminated by hunters. In my painting, I wanted to depict that the Lobo is not as grey as others may perceive and that they are colorful and beautiful animals.

Congratulations Catherine!


Second Prize Winner: Young Artist - Congratulations to Gavin Minard for Deep in Thought. All Rights Reserved.

I have always had a love for animals, especially those that are endangered. Over the last couple of years I've researched and learned of the threats that are leading these animals to extinction, and now it isn't just a "love" for animals, it's a passion. I want to help them in every way I can, because I truly believe that a world without animals isn't a world at all. Hopefully through my art I can spread that message of hope.

Congratulations, Gavin!


Third Prize Winner: Young Artist - Congratulations to Jennifer Lentz for The Light in Cheetahs. All Rights Reserved.

Cheetahs are regal and amazing cats but the loss of prey and habitat are greatly endangering the species. It's sad to see such an amazing hunter as the cheetah in danger of disappearing forever. I chose the African symbols supremacy of God, Intelligence, Peace, and power of Love to show what humans can do and change in order to save cheetahs from extinction.

Copper metal torched, cheetah, and symbols sawed into metal.

Congratulations, Jennifer!