SUBMISSION: Ardyne of Compassion by Talesha Hogan

ENDANGERED: Fine Art & Photography Contest 2017 Submission.

Ardyne of Compassion by Talesha Hogan. All Rights Reserved.

I know animals have a soul. For me, it's never a question of whether they do or not, it is merely a matter of excavation. Can I go deep enough? Can I find something in myself that can plumb that deep into the heart of the animal? And should I catch a glimpse of the majesty of a species, can I know the heart and complexity of them? I touch my fingers, my brush and my heart to the canvas and it always unfolds something,  some deeper truth within me. Maybe it's how I can be kinder or more compassionate. Maybe it reveals how I can be a little more courageous. And when this happens, these animals expressing meaning through my canvas, I can't help but feel I owe it to them to somehow reveal them.

I know animals have souls. It's my levy to show you, and through this showing, I embrace my own and invite you to unfold yours.

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