SUBMISSION: After A Bath by Steven Greenbaum

Entry to the ENDANGERED Art & Photography Contest 2017

After A Bath by Steven Greenbaum. All Rights Reserved.

I started in photography as a teenager by recording family trips and events with my father’s Nikkormat El on color slides. I was captivated by the luminance and colors of the family slide show. My goal was to get clear, sharp bright photos that captured our experiences.

Now retired, I try to take images of scenes, people, animals and events that interest me. It can be anything and initially I try not to have preconceived notions about what I shoot. If I am not satisfied with the results I will return, if possible, to get the image that I see in my mind’s eye. I identify what, to me, is the subject of the image and then try to emphasize that subject by choice of composition, photographic technique and post-processing. My goal is to produce an image that evokes an emotional connection.