SUBMISSION: Dry Land by Alice van Kempen

ENDANGERED: Fine Art & Photography Contest 2017 Submission.

Dry Land by Alice van Kempen. All Rights Reserved.

In Africa every 15 minutes an elephant is being slaughtered by poachers to supply the demand for ivory; that’s 96 beautiful creatures a day. Last year as of the middle of September there have been 36 elephants killed by poachers in the Kruger Park (South Africa) alone. The highest number since 1982. As an artist I want to try to inspire others to look at the beauty of our earth and it’s creatures and above all make them aware that some of these beautiful creatures might not make it into the new century if we don’t act now.  Once extinct they are gone forever.  Nature is my passion, my love and understanding of nature inspires me throughout my creative process. In wildlife photography the emphasis has generally been on capturing the dramatic moments of animals in action. I want to capture their personalities, in their natural environment, without interfering.

Minimal post-processing is applied to each photograph. the omission of color often gives a stronger image.

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