SUBMISSION: Rest by Laurel Lampela

Entry to the ENDANGERED Art & Photography Contest 2017

Rest by Laurel Lampela. All Rights Reserved.

My current work reflects my interest in responding empathetically to nature, to the seemingly mundane, to glimpses of life in the present moment. I want to capture the land and its inhabitants. Each glimpse is a quiet presence of animals, people, and the space they occupy. This contemplative and active space provides the opportunity to linger in the process of being: waiting for moments, creating moments, and developing awareness. My hand-pulled polymer gravure prints from original photographs capture passing recognitions that speak of the spaces we all inhabit and reflect our oneness. The polymer gravure prints begin as original photographs that are printed on transparencies and transferred to metal plates pre-coated with a layer of light-sensitive emulsion. The etching process takes place under an exposure light unit and a water wash. The resulting matrix is hand printed through a press using non-toxic inks on Stonehenge paper.