SUBMISSION: Silent Devotion by Jacqueline Hou

ENDANGERED: Fine Art & Photography Contest 2017 Submission.

Silent Devotion by Jacqueline Hou. All Rights Reserved.

The painting "Silent Devotion" depicts a scene of two cranes dancing before dawns’ first ray of light. Snowflakes waltz around the duo in a frosty landscape. The cranes nuzzle and embrace each other, displaying their affection to create a heartwarming atmosphere. The red-crowned crane is an endangered species, found in parts of Japan, China, Russia and Korea. They are the second rarest crane species, due to habitat loss (marshes) in urban development. Known for their unison dances during mating season, the birds create a black and white aurora above ground. Also known as the Japanese crane, the cranes symbolize good luck, love and longevity.

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