SUBMISSION: Split Worlds by Lisa Ramos

ENDANGERED: Fine Art & Photography Contest 2017 Submission.

Split Worlds by Lisa Ramos. All Rights Reserved.

My inspiration: The need, due to the blatant disregard for any living creature, except for humans on this planet. Our inability to understand that this Planet cannot expand, we need to stop Multiplying! There is no more room!  Humans have become parasites destroying all that gets in their way. My thought for this piece was to show the destruction of this beautiful animal's habitat and their very human-like ways but helpless to what their cousins are doing to them.

Lisa R. Porfido-Ramos is a Graduate of Paier College of Art in C.T. specializing in Illustration. She has studied under Lou Bonamarte (watercolor) and is currently expanding her talent with renowned artist Al Razza of Coral Springs FL.

Soon after relocating to Fl. Lisa continued her commitment to the Environment by Volunteering as a Sea Turtle Ranger for (S.T.O.P) Sea Turtle Oversight Protection, where she spends many hours at night on the beach helping hundreds of hatchlings find their way safely to the Ocean.

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